I’m Hugh Hollowell, and I like to stir things up.

I’m the founding pastor at Love Wins, a progressive faith community in Raleigh NC, and the executive director of The Love Wins Community Engagement Center, where we seek to prove that the opposite of homelessness is community. And for some people, I’m the pastor of last resort.

In my free time, I’m also the editor of The Hughsletter, where I send five beautiful things to your inbox each Monday, and I speak around the country about building community as a method of social change. I blog somewhat sporadically at Hugh’s Blog, and I tweet at @hughlh.

Grey is my favorite color. I don’t have a plan. I like peanut M&Ms. My wife Renee and I live in downtown Raleigh, NC, where we co-parent three cats and three chickens and about 20,000 bees.

The best way to reach me is by emailing me at hugh@hughhollowell.org. I read all my mail, but can’t guarantee a response due to volume.

What am I doing now? I’m glad you asked.