Help Hugh Get A Sabbatical Month

Note: I was given a month of sabbatical time away from my work at Love Wins in September, in order to rest and write. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I am going to have to fund some of the expenses myself, and we just don’t have it. So this post is me, asking for help. I had originally planned to post this as a gofundme, but a) those fees, y’all and b) I screwed something upRead more

There Are No Secrets

I presented last weekend at The Wild Goose Festival, and it went really well. Afterwards, I spoke to a guy who told me about this passion he had, but he was having a hard time getting any traction because, “I’m just not a good storyteller like you are, Hugh.” Please. Give me a break. I am a good storyteller. I admit it, and I am proud of it. And I work really, really hard at it. In the last tenRead more

Six Things Straight Christians Can Do After Orlando

I don’t normally blog about current events – that is what Facebook and Twitter are for – but I wrote a version of the following on my Facebook page late last night, and people are finding it helpful. And while it was written for straight Christian allies, it is pretty much good for everyone. -HH I was out of town, with my phone turned off, this weekend, and when I turned it back on Sunday afternoon, discovered the horrors thatRead more

Six Rules to Avoid Election Fights on Facebook

For a lot of us, Facebook is an excruciating place to be right now. It feels like everyone has lost their minds, and everyone is angry. Virtually any comment on the election is going to stir up anger and discontent, and don’t even think about polite disagreement! I am really active on social media, and have developed a principle and, out of that principle, six rules for my interactions on Facebook around politics (or, in fact, any controversial topic). TheyRead more

Education of an Oppressor

One of the foundational principles in my ethical system says: When there are two groups of people, and one group has more than the other group, the moral responsibility for fixing the disparity lies with the group with more. More what? More of almost anything. Money. Rights. Property. Privilege. Snickers bars. If I have food, and you do not, the right thing to do is share my food with you. It isn’t your responsibility to demand I share. If youRead more

My Secret Weapon to Stop the Chaos

A version of this essay was originally shared with readers of The Hughsletter – my free weekly newsletter about the pursuit of beauty as a prophylactic against the ugliness of the world – back in November of last year. I occasionally create treats just for the readers there. (You can sign up for yourself here. Unsubscribe anytime. No spam.) – HH If you are a would-be world changer, then you life is more than likely, quite literally, out of control.Read more

Bonds and Betrayal

Content warning: Discussion of sexual and spiritual violence, but no graphic descriptions. As always, do what you need to take care of yourself.  – HH I have a friend who, as a child, idolized his grandfather. His grandfather and he were inseparable. The grandfather taught him how to be in the world, how to navigate life, how to act like he thought a man should. The grandfather was a minister, and highly respected in their small town. My friend became a ministerRead more

Why I am a Christian Humanist

I received the following question the other day by Facebook Messenger. Since it took me a thousand words to respond, and I get asked questions like this all of the time, I thought I would respond here. If you have questions, feel free to send them. I don’t always have time to go into this sort of depth, but I will try my best.  – HH Him: I was reading your posts, and I wondered what you are exactly? AreRead more

Self Promotion and Chicken Suits

When I was in my twenties, I worked in sales. I started with commercial maintenance contracts and graduated to insurance and retirement plans. By the time I was 29, I was making a good living helping rich old people hide their money from the government setting up asset protection plans. I learned lots of things doing that work. I learned to make people like and trust me. I learned the words to say to make me sound credible. I learnedRead more