My name is Hugh Hollowell, and I stir things up. I am a writer, a speaker and the pastor of last resort for lots of people. I’m an acquired taste, but that’s OK – I’m just creating for my True Fans.

Currently (Winter 2016-17):




January 2017

  • Back at Auburn Seminary for three days to meet with the Economic Justice cohort.
  • Preached on MLK weekend at Valley Presbyterian Church in Portola Valley, Calaifornia, and led a workshop on MLK day to discuss ways to build equitable relationships that can change the world.

December 2016

October 2016

  • Spent a week at Auburn Seminary in NYC to help plan a cohort on economic justice in 2017.

The official yada yada

I’m an ordained minister in the Mennonite Church USA, and I serve as pastor at Love Wins Ministries in Raleigh, NC, a worshiping community that provides pastoral care among the homeless and housing vulnerable community. I’m also the founder and executive director of the Love Wins Community Engagement Center, where we believe the opposite of homelessness is community.

During my spare time I write and speak extensively about relationships as the means of social change. I am also the publisher of The Hughsletter, a weekly newsletter that shares links to five beautiful things to start your week off right.

If you want to invite me to speak somewhere, follow the instructions on this page – otherwise, feel free to email me at hughlh at gmail. Most days I get more email than I can possibly respond to, but I read everything.

My Life

My wife Renee is a heart transplant recipient (August 12, 2015), and we live in a fixer-upper house in downtown Raleigh, along with two cats, four chickens and about 20,000 bees. When not working, I love to read (more than 200 books a year), go to the gym, and work in my garden.