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I'm Going Slightly Mad - Day 362 of Project 365

A pastor I respect told me the other day she admired how calm I seem, given the work I do. If she were me, she said, she would be angry all the time.

I told her to stop being foolish – I am seething. I am seething that I live in a world where you can get killed in jail by a guard; that churches with 2 million dollar pipe organs have people who live in their dumpsters; that my culture worships a homeless man on Sunday but ignores them on Monday.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – I am very, very angry. Which is why I do this work.

Because I am angry. Because these people are made in the very image of God, and the church has traditionally ignored them, or worse, supported efforts – or not opposed efforts, which amounts to the same thing – to actively harm them. So, out of my anger, I have devoted my life to bearing witness to that injustice.

Because it may be true that you do not care, but by God I will see to it that you cannot say that you did not know.

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