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Hugh Hollowell Shane Claiborn
“A prophet’s cry for justice rings out from Hugh with clarity and boldness. You cannot hear him speak and remain unchanged.”
~ Rev. Ashley Griffith, PC (USA)

Hugh speaks to thousands annually in such diverse audiences as college chapels, poverty and homeless forums, church services, and weekend retreats. He routinely speaks at events and conferences with such well known speakers and thought leaders as Shane Claiborne, Phyllis Tickle,  Tony Campolo, Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Brian McLaren. He has yet to share the stage with Cornell West, but it’s on his bucket list. Hugh is experienced in delivering his message in both Christian and secular/humanist environments, and has lectured on college campuses at both the undergrad and graduate level.

Hugh’s primary area of focus is the intersection of faith and homelessness / urban poverty, but more broadly focuses on the ways in which our lack of relationships prevent us from doing all we can to make the world as it is into the world as it should be.  Potential topics are listed below, but he is open to other suggestions better suited for your group.

How We Can Do Good Better

We set off on mission trips, seeking to change the world, but sometimes the help we offer hurts the very people we seek to help the most. Surely there is a way to do good, better?

How Relationships Can Change the World

It is Hugh’s contention that the big problems of the world – hunger, homelessness, disease, war – are, at their core, problems of relationship. Which is really good news, because we humans are naturally wired for relationship.

A Framework for Understanding Homelessness.

Most ‘solutions’ for homelessness, whether faith based or secular, focus on symptoms – housing, jobs, addiction. However, none of them focus on the underlying issue – that the opposite of homelessness is community.

To book Hugh for a paid speaking gig, please email him (hugh@hughhollowell.org) to get the conversation started.

If you are looking for his public appearances, your best bet is to check out his blog to see when he is speaking near you.


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