The Mutiny



There was a mutiny at work.

The staff conspired behind my back and did something against my wishes.

You see, a few weeks back, during our chapel service I mentioned how tired I was, and the pressure on us “spiritual leaders” to act as if we were not tired. The pressure we feel to “have it all together”. The point of the homily was vulnerability, and by being vulnerable, I hoped to show that, in community, anyway, vulnerability is a good thing.

The staff members who were in attendance got another message from the homily.

That night, unbeknownst to me, an email was circulated among the staff. They made a list of all my duties and responsibilities  and then plugged themselves into those positions for four days. When I came in the next day, I was told to pick four days to take off. I demurred and was told they were demanding I take them. Or else.


So, when I left the office yesterday, I turned off my cellphone, put an auto-responder on my work email and went home. Renee and I ate Chinese take-out and I collapsed in bed by 9:00pm.

Today we are headed to Charlotte for a few days to shop for the new house (Ikea!) and then I will spend Sunday and Monday puttering around the house, unpacking and setting up the myriad boxes still unpacked from our move two three weeks ago.

For the first time in almost two years, I don’t have preaching responsibilities this Sunday. Heck, I don’t even know what the Lectionary passage is for this Sunday.

So, my staff committed mutiny and took over. Someone else is responsible this weekend for making sure several hundred folks get fed breakfast. Someone else is preaching and leading chapel. Someone else is responsible for everything I do until Tuesday morning, when I will turn my phone back on and go back to work.

To my staff: Thanks, guys, for making this possible, even if you had to be insubordinate to make me do it. Now, I have to pack for a shopping trip.

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  • David

    I deleted my personal Facebook account for several months. After the first week or two, I was amazed at how much less distracted I was and how much more time I had to read the things I actually wanted to read. Then I became the administrator for my work Facebook page, and I had to reactivate my personal account to have access to the professional one. Sigh.

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