Hugh Hollowell is writing, blogging, publishing, and community organizing*.

He publishes a weekly newsletter called Life is So Beautiful.

Every Monday morning for the last seven years, Hugh wakes up, makes coffee, sits down, and writes an email to thousands of folks in at least five different countries. There’s an original blog-length reflection on where he sees beauty in the world right then and links to five things he saw that week that struck him as beautiful. Because the world is beautiful, but sometimes it’s hard to notice.

He’s been blogging since 2003, most recently about building a good life in the Deep South. Updated weekly.

He is working on a narrative cookbook called Food is Love, which he hopes to have finished in the spring of 2023. His members get free copies of chapters as he finishes them in gratitude for them supporting his work.

His membership team powers this work, providing the emotional and financial backbone for almost all this. Members get cool things, like writing not published elsewhere, zoom office hours, and occasional videos, but mostly they get to knowledge that because of them, cool stuff gets put out into the world.

*Most of his organizing work isn’t really suitable (or always legally permissible) to be talked about on the open internet, but he does have an occasional email list where he keeps interested people up to date.