Hang on.

Hey friend,   I see you.   I see you there, parent of young kids, worried about sending them to school next week when there is no mask mandate and no vaccine available for them and kids the age of your kid on ventilators because of this damn virus. I see your fear and your… Continue reading Hang on.

Love and Attention

I came across a quote yesterday I have been thinking about. Well, less of a quote, and more of a description of a scene from a movie I have not seen – Ladybird. The scene description goes like this: Sister Sarah Joan (Lois Smith), the principal, has read Lady Bird’s college application essay. “It’s clear… Continue reading Love and Attention

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Finding the stories

My writing has taken a hit over the pandemic. Some of it is the exhaustion we all feel, some of it is depression, and some of it – a large part, actually – is losing my routine as everything ground to a halt and we had to rebuild from ashes. But at my most honest… Continue reading Finding the stories