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The best email for me for any purpose is I’m always eager to get links to things you think are beautiful or interesting..

I get a lot of email. Like, a lot a lot. I promise you I read everything, but I’m not always able to answer. I hate this. I once had an assistant who stayed on top of this for me. But now, I do not. I always try to answer direct questions, though.

The best way to stay on top of what I’m doing is to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Never add me to your mailing list/ newsletter/ project without my explicit permission. I mean, seriously. How rude is that?


You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and sometimes, Threads. But don’t message me in any of those places – email me instead.

If you have my cell number, send me a text. If you have never sent me a text before, please say who you are in the text. If you have never sent anyone a text before, please choose another option.

Mailing Address

This is the best address. It’s checked at least weekly.

Hugh Hollowell
PO Box 68411
Jackson, MS 39286-8411

I love to get mail, and you don’t have to ask permission to send me things. I have good boundaries, and if it’s not for me, I have no problem donating it to some place that can use it. That said, I do not review books or products for a living. I only read and share things that I really like and am interested in – and I have no idea if I will like your thing until I see it.

If you need to send me money (Yay!), you can mail checks or money orders to that PO Box, or use any of the methods on this page to send funds electronically.

Never send me anything you need back, as I am a chaos Muppet with poor executive skills.