Member’s Only

Since 2015, I have published a weekly newsletter called Life is So Beautiful. It comes out each Monday and contains a short original essay and links to five things I came across that week that I thought was, in some way, beautiful. Sometimes it’s a poem, or images from the Webb Telescope, or sometimes it’s just a funny cat video. 

This project is a labor of love that I depend on for my sanity, and it also costs thousands of dollars each year. It gets paid for by a small group of folks who participate in my Membership program. It works sort of like NPR does – a few people pay something every month, so that it’s all free for everyone. 

And it works. The primary reason they support my work isn’t because of swag, but to make sure there is more of my work in the world. That said, they do get a monthly private newsletter I cleverly call, “Members Only”. (naming things is hard for me)

It contains an additional original essay, albeit one more intimate and personal, as well as links that didn’t make the cut or seemed too “niche” for the regular newsletter, as well as a peek behind the scenes at what an independent writer’s life looks like. In short, this is stuff that only real fans would appreciate – but they appreciate it a lot.

Literally the only way to get this newsletter is to support my work. There is no separate subscription, no free subscriber tier – just folks who pitch in at least $5 a month to make my work possible. 

You can learn how to become a Member (and thus get a subscription to the Member’s Only newsletter) on this page