The Membership Team

Hi there. I’m Hugh Hollowell.

Join more than 100 other members and together, we’ll write stories, produce long-form essays, make books, and work to create a compelling vision of a better world.

I won’t bury the lede: The primary perk you get is in supporting my large collection of projects that are free for everyone to read and share – because if we want a better world, we must tell (and share) better stories.

Think of it like a mini-NPR: – of course there are perks, but the main reason you become a member is that you want to make sure there is more of my work out there.

It’s like saying, Hugh, ya weirdo, we need more of your stuff in the world. 

But even so, members also get perks, such as exclusive discounts on things I sell, free PDF copies of anything I publish, and members-only newsletters and Zoom calls. As time goes on, this list will only grow, as I come up with more ways to show my appreciation for the people who make my work possible.

Note: I am a big believer in the idea that we support the things that matter to us based on our capacity, so I’m intentionally not going to differentiate access because of the amount of money you send me. So, all supporters get everything. And because of them, everything else is free for everyone.

At this link, you can join for either $5, $10, or $25 a month. This unlocks everything and automatically puts you on the members’ list. I also have a free tier for students¹. Just email me and you will be added.

If you want to support my work in other amounts, hate credit cards, want to use PayPal or Bitcoin or barter with fresh baked cookies or your grandmother’s tea cake recipe or just have questions or comments, just email me at and we will work it out.

And if you have the resources and want to gift a membership to someone else, pay for a year in advance, or contribute to the scholarship fund that pays for the free student memberships, just email me.

Frequently Asked Questions

But what about one time contributions?

If you want to just throw a one-time contribution of cash my way, you can buy me a cup of coffee or send cash using a variety of methods below:

PayPal: Click here. | CashApp: $hughlh | Venmo: @Hugh-Hollowell | Zelle:

But however you decide to do it, I’m grateful for your support. Thank you for voting for a better world.

What do you do with this money?

Buy groceries, mostly. Seriously – it is the primary funding stream for my little writing business, and like all businesses, we have expenses from taxes to server fees to website hosting, as well as paying me.

But also, 1% of all membership payments are donated to support survivors of religious abuse. This includes survivors from cults, sexual abuse survivors, and others. I do this through monthly donations to Into Account, which is a fierce, woman and Queer person-led organization that kicks serious ass in this arena.

Is my payment secure?

All membership program payments are by credit card through Memberful with Stripe as a payment processor. Both services use secure connections (HTTPS) to protect your information. You can read more about security at Memberful and Stripe.

¹Why students? Why not the unemployed? Why not single parents? What makes someone a student? How does one prove studentry? I have no idea. But I like the idea of providing resources to folks at a time in their life when they don’t have a lot of them, who have minds that are (hopefully) fresh and open to new ideas, who have an open future, and who are looking for models. I know that 20-year-old me would have been much further along if I had the access to the ideas and people I do now. But again – I don’t have any litmus test.  If you are a student – as defined by you – and need a free membership, just email me and I will add you to the list.